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Kapitan: CI/CD usage

The Docker image (kapicorp/kapitan:ci) (Dockerfile) comes pre-packaged with gcloud, gsutil, bq, kubectl, terraform, promtool and kapitan.

Example workflow - Deploy to GKE

The following commands are run using the kapicorp/kapitan:ci Docker image.

  1. Compile:

    kapitan compile
    Compiled app (2.23s)
  2. Setup gcloud and GKE credentials:

    echo "$GCP_SA_KEY_FROM_CI_SECRETS" > service_account_key.json
    gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file service_account_key.json
    gcloud container clusters get-credentials CLUSTER --zone ZONE --project GCP_PROJECT_ID
  3. Setup kubectl:

    kubectl config set-context CLUSTER_CONTEXT --cluster CLUSTER --user USER --namespace NAMESPACE
    kubectl config use-context CLUSTER_CONTEXT
  4. Deploy:

    kubectl apply -f compiled/app/manifests/