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External dependencies

This features allows kapitan to fetch files from online repositories/sources during compile and store in a particular target directory.

Author: @yoshi-1224


Specify the files to be fetched as follows:

   - type: git | http[s]
     output_path: <output_path>
     source: <git/http[s]_url>    

The output path is the path to save the dependency into. For example, it could be /components/external/manifest.jsonnet. Then, the user can specify the fetched file as a kapitan.compile item along with the locally-created files.

Git type may also include ref and subdir parameters as illustrated below:

- type: git
  output_path: <output_path>
  source: <git_url>
  subdir: relative/path/in/repository
  ref: <commit_hash/branch/tag>
  force_fetch: <bool>

If the file already exists at output_path, the fetch will be skipped. For fresh fetch of the dependencies, users may add --fetch option as follows:

kapitan compile --fetch

Users can also add the force_fetch: true option to the kapitan.dependencies in the inventory in order to force fetch of the dependencies of the target every time.

Implementation details


  • GitPython module (and git executable) for git type
  • requests module for http[s]
  • (optional) tqdm for reporting download progress