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CLI Reference | .kapitan config file


Kapitan allows you to coveniently override defaults by specifying a local .kapitan file in the root of your repository (relative to the kapitan configuration):

This comes handy to make sure Kapitan runs consistently for your specific setup.


Any Kapitan command can be overridden in the .kapitan dotfile, but here are some of the most common examples.


To enforce the Kapitan version used for compilation (for consistency and safety), you can add version to .kapitan:

version: 0.30.0


This constrain can be relaxed to allow minor versions to be also accepted:

version: 0.30 # Allows any 0.30.x release to run



You can also permanently define all command line flags in the .kapitan config file. For example:


  indent: 4
  parallelism: 8

would be equivalent to running:

kapitan compile --indent 4 --parallelism 8


In some cases, you might want to store the inventory under a different directory. You can configure the inventory section of the Kapitan dotfile to make sure it's persisted across all Kapitan runs.


  inventory-path: ./some_path

which would be equivalent to always running:

kapitan inventory --inventory-path=./some_path