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Our documentation usully prevents new users from adopting Kapitan. Help us improve by contributing with fixes and keeping it up-to-date.


Write articles on Kapitan and share your way of working. Inspire others, and reach out to have your article published / endorsed by us.

This Website

Find something odd? Let us know or change it yourself: you can edit pages of this website on Github by clicking the pencil icon at the top right of this page!

Update documentation

We use mkdocs to generate our gh-pages from .md files under docs/ folder.

Updating our gh-pages is therefore a two-step process.

Update the markdown

Submit a PR for our master branch that updates the .md file(s). Test how the changes would look like when deployed to gh-pages by serving it on localhost:

  1. Edit the strict property in mkdocs.yml and set it to false.
  2. make local_serve_documentation
  3. Now the documentation site should be available at localhost:8000.

Submit a PR

Once the above PR has been merged, use mkdocs gh-deploy command to push the commit that updates the site content to your own gh-pages branch. Make sure that you already have this gh-pages branch in your fork that is up-to-date with our gh-pages branch such that the two branches share the commit history (otherwise Github would not allow PRs to be created).

# locally, on master branch (which has your updated docs)
COMMIT_MSG="your commit message to replace" make mkdocs_gh_deploy

After it's pushed, create a PR that targets our gh-pages branch from your gh-pages branch.